2015 Fundraiser

2015 Fundraiser Success!

We started our 2015 Fundraiser on Monday February 16, 2015 at about 5 PM. We were in a bit of a situation, because we had so many issues with our previous streaming service, we had decided that we must swap, but we didn’t have the funds to change over mid stream. We were down to just barely enough to pay our internet bill for the rest of the year.

That was what pushed us to go to our viewers and let them know where we stood. We took a chance, by spending part of our budget that was supposed to pay for our internet for the rest of the year, and switching to the new service for one month, with hopes that in that one month we could raise funds for the entire year’s budget.

We had no idea that our viewers would take care of us as well as they did. We had an outpouring of generosity. People from all over donated, and got us past our goal before the end of the day on Friday the 20th. We closed out our fundraiser with $5097.00, and a sense of wonderful gratitude to our entire eagle cam community. We were truly amazed.

Thank you all!

Olimometer 2.52


Q. What keeps us from having a perfect stream?

A. Many factors come together to make this website work. We have no paid staff, everything you see on the site is done by volunteers, and with donations. There is no parent company that is fronting the bills, and no tech department to call when something goes down. We do all the work, and recently one of the companies we paid for service was not providing that service very reliably so we have had to change to a more expensive service, that will hopefully help resolve our issues.


Q. What does it cost so much to run the cam?

A.  Our unavoidable Annual costs:

Charter Internet-$1500.00
Service Provider-$49.00
Domain name-$13.17
Ifly chat- $500.00
Livestream-$2388.00 yearly  @199 per mo.
 $399.00 per mo. $2394 if we do 6 months
plus the $399 we just paid to get this month running.
If we go yearly cost is: $4849.17
That is not even counting any equipment outages, or extra costs that get added in, and we have those every year.

Q. Why not go with some less expensive services?

A. We have tried several other options, and plan to continue trying others, but unfortunately we haven’t been able to find any that provide the reliability, and stability, and functions that we require for any less. Those of you who have been with us since the beginning have seen our struggles.

 Q. What can I do to help?

A. Donate please! We run this camera entirely from donations, and we try to provide the best service we can, if everyone who came to our site gave us $1.00 we would not have to do this fundraiser. The reality is most people never donate. We are so thankful to the few who do, because they are the only thing keeping the cam running.

For those of you who have donated.


Thank you!!!!!!! We appreciate you so much, and we are glad you like what we are doing.


Big thank you to our Moderators who donate so much of their time, and in these times of crisis still manage to put up with us and give to the cause!

Even though the fundraiser is over, it is never too late to help us improve the eagle cam!

Donate Through Paypal

Checks can be made out to:

Harrison Bay Eagle Cam
6120 Shirley Pond Road
Harrison, TN  37341