2016 HBEC Meet and Greet

Harrison Bay Eagle Cam

Meet and Greet  /  Nest Tour

May 13 and 14, 2016


We had a fantastic turnout for the 2nd Annual HBEC Meet and Greet on the evening of Friday, May 13th.  A tremendous THANK YOU to the Friends Group of Harrison Bay for providing the dinner for our guests.  Thank you to everyone who traveled so far and showed so much love for our project and our eagles.  We had just under 100 friends in attendance and your donations for that night totaled over $1,200.00, all going into the HBEC fund to keep our project moving forward.  Thank You.


We had a great presentation by Mr. David Haggard of Reelfoot Lake State Park as he presented the history of bald eagle nests in Tennessee and how far they have come from the 1960’s ( zero then to over 400 now) and spent much of his time showing off his two year old juvenile bald eagle “Storm” who he has been rehabilitating ever since her nest tree blew over in a storm a couple years ago and was deemed unable to be released.  Thank you Mr. Haggard for willing to share your Friday evening with us and for sharing all your eagle knowledge and your beautiful eagle Storm.

Here is a photo slideshow from Perchedeagle of the nights events.  2016 Meet and Greet Slideshow


We also had a great turnout on Saturday morning for the Nest Tour with 48 people joining us for the festivities.  Thanks to the members of the Friends Group for shuttling our guests to and from the parking lot.  This made the morning much easier for everyone.

Here are photo slideshows from Perchedeagle of the nest tour.  Nest Tour 5/14/16 Part 1  Part 2

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 7.36.18 PM I  wanted to thank Nancy for the great book she gave to my daughter Hannah at the Meet and Greet and pass it along to everyone else as it is an amazing book.  Inside a Bald Eagle’s Nest is a great book detailing a year in the life of a bald eagle’s nest.  It is available on Amazon at Inside a Bald Eagle’s Nest.  Please remember to select Friends of Harrison Bay State Park for your Amazon Smiles donation account as your donation will help the Eagle Cam project.