2017 Fundraiser Success!!

Thank you!!!

2017 Fundraiser!

Thank you to all our viewers who donated big or small. Thanks to you we have completed this years fundraiser. A large donation came in today (3/4/17) at about 10:40 and finished off the last portion of our goal. These donations mean so much more because this year our donors were not even getting the lovely views of our eagles we have come to expect. We know how hard it is to support the site during times when we are having problems, but thanks to our amazing loyal viewers, we are still able to push through problems like this and continue this project.

Our viewers are awesome!!


Now that we have our funding we can push forward with our improvements for this season. It will still be late summer before we can get into the nest again but we have some good things in store for this season too.

New approach cam mounting pole^


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