2017 HBEC Tour Photos

Below is a collection of photos and videos taken by our HBEC chatters this year.  With the nest cam being down this is the best way to see and share the HBEC experience for this year.

If you would like to share any photos or videos of the HBEC eagles please send them to and we will add them to the collection.

Thank You

Patricia Wilkins (Perchedeagle) Photos and Videos

Slideshow of May 30, 2017 tour Part 1 Slideshow of tour May 30, 2017 Part 2 Skirmish on the Nest—Video Photos of HBEC eaglets 5-29-17 Video of fledged eaglets May 29, 2017 Balancing on the trees May 29, 2017 Playing in the tree tops May 29, 2017 Fledge Flight of HB11 Fledge Flight of HB12 Photos of Fledged Eaglets May 27 2017 Video of fledged eagles May 27, 2017 Video of Fledged Eaget May 27, 2017 Another video of fledged eaglet May 27, 2017 Photobucket from May 7, 2017 More Photobucket from May 7, 2017 Perched Eagle Nest Tour photos May 2, 2017 Perched Eagle Nest Tour Photos April 18 2017 Perched Eagle Nest Tour photos April 25 2017 Perched Eagle video of Eaglets 2017 Perched Eagle nest tour video of eaglets 2017 Perched Eagle video 2017


Richard Bearden (RAB) Videos

Slide Show Tour (5-30-17) Breakfast Has Been Delivered Eliza in Tall Pines Eliza and the Blue Jay Eaglets Branching You Want to Play? Eaglet Posing for Camera Out on a Limb Eliza Dancing on the Twigs Eliza on the twigs Eaglets in the nest Elliott and Eliza in tall pine Little Eagle Harrison Bay Eliza in a new tree Harrison Bay Eagles–Close look at the little ones