Approach Cam Fundraiser


Olimometer 2.52

Help us get some perspective with an approach cam!

Now that our babies are not always in the nest bowl, it is abundantly obvious that our one camera can’t always catch their playful antics. We don’t want you to miss a moment! We would like to add a wide angle view of the nest tree from the ground like you would get at the nest tours. This would provide a view that could let us see when the adults are bringing food to the babies, and catch the movements around the nest that we miss from having only one angle.

What is the cost of adding an Approach Camera?

We would all love a better view of our eagles  when they are out of the nest bowl, but the cost doesn’t stop at just purchasing a new camera and slapping it on the tree. We have to pay for an additional stream with livestream, and the camera, and any hardware we require to install it in the tree (like large runs of cat6 cable etc…). That is why we have decided to try to line out what costs we know will be involved in the install, and raise those funds now, so that we can get the camera installed before the next season.

Livestream-$2388.00 yearly  @199 per mo.
 $399.00 per mo. $2394 if we do 6 months
New HD Approach Camera- ~$800-$1000
Cables/Hardware- ~$100-$200
This total is our best estimate for what it would take to add the camera for next year, it would also further increase our operation costs because we would have to pay for  the streaming annually.

If you would like to donate by check-

Checks can be made out to:

Harrison Bay Eagle Cam
6120 Shirley Pond Road
Harrison, TN  37341