Chat Rules

Chat and Comment Rules:

1. Be respectful, and polite to others.
2. No inappropriate language or comments (e.g. no drug, alcohol, or sexual references)
3. No politics, religion/creed, solicitation etc..
4. No Spam. (For your security, never follow links from people you don’t know/trust)
5. Allow mods to deal with chat abuse.
6. Respect the mods, who donate their time to make sure all viewers have a good experience.
7. Chatting is a privilege, not a right. If your presence is disruptive, moderators (mods) can kick, or permanently ban you, and can delete inappropriate posts.
8. If you would like to discuss things other than our eagles please try to keep those conversations off “The Eagle’s Nest” home room, and in private chat.
9. If your behavior might be deemed unacceptable by our moderators, or administrators, then do not engage in it here.