Elliott’s Mate F3 (2/8 – 2/27)

Elliott’s Mate  F3 (2/8 – 2/27)

2018 has seen many Lady Eagles. Sadly we lost our beloved Eloise (1/13 last day seen in the nest). Eloise passed away Sunday, January 14 at UT Vet Clinic.

Eliza, who had appeared in September, 2016, then returned and was Elliott’s lady until 1/30.  With no nest cam available for the 2016 – 2017 nesting season, we can’t confirm how long Eliza was around. We do believe Eloise returned to possibly lay 2 eggs and raise HB11 & HB12.

Aurora, our Banded Lady, arrived 1/31 and stole Elliott’s heart until 2/5. On Thursday, 2/8 Aurora was seen in the nest in the morning, Eliza in the afternoon, and then the new Lady, F3, arrived in the evening. She was last seen 2/27. She may have been there longer but cams were up and down so no confirmation.  Despite Elliott’s best efforts, she never laid in the nest nor did she stick around.

We thought F3 might be the final 2018 female. Well, that all changed on March 2 with the arrival of F4. Will F4 be Elliott’s choice as a permanent mate? Only the eagles know and they aren’t sharing any details!


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