Fundraiser 2018

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Harrison Bay Eagle Cam 2018

Thank you to all our viewers who enjoy watching our eagle cam and helping us keep tabs on our nesting eagles. As our frequent viewers know our project is supported primarily by our viewers. We have gone through a lot of struggles over the years from the natural variety that our eagles endure to the technological complexities we have to overcome, but still our viewers have been wonderful each year in providing enough donations to the Friends of Harrison Bay State Park that we are able to support this project and keep it going.

For those of you who have been with our project for a while now you know that last year we had technological issues that caused us to use our emergency funds to recover from, and unfortunately we had no view of our wonderful nest for the majority of the season. This year we have had great sadness with the loss of Eloise. We also don’t know if Elliot will settle down with one of the many females he has brought back to the nest in time to have eggs this season or not, but we do have to pay our bills to keep the camera streaming so that we can all watch this saga unfold. If you enjoy watching our nest and talking with our chatters please help us keep this project going by donating. We do not have enough money left in our budget for the project to keep the bills paid for the season without your generosity.

We are in a much better situation with our technology this season than we have been in the past thanks to your donations last year. We used the funding we had remaining in our budget last year and the annual fundraiser to help us buy new cameras, computers and equipment that we have installed in such a way that virtually every important system has a backup. We hope that this will keep us from having some of the major issues we have had in the past where we can’t get our view of the nest restored until we can go back up the tree. None of this would have been possible without help from our viewers and the people who love our eagles! We are counting on you again this year to help us keep this project alive.


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Annual Expenses:
Last year’s annual fundraiser kicked off earlier than normal on January 15th with our annual operating budget goal of $5000.00 we decided to use our savings to cover the operating budget so that the donations could help us repair and replace our equipment. We were so thankful and delighted that even though our viewers didn’t have the view of the nest that they were there to see they were still there for us supporting the project we needed it the most. We raised our goal by 3/4/17 and kept the project going. This year we will have the same annual budget needs as always but we unfortunately do not have enough left in the bank to cover those expenses without your help. Thank you for your donation of any size that you are able to donate to our project

Charter Internet-$1619.64
Service Provider-$49.00
Domain name-$13.17
Ifly chat- $500.00
 Remote Access – $369.76
Livestream-$2388.00 yearly  @199 per mo.
Our yearly cost is: $4939.57



Each of you who donate any amount play an important part in keeping this site up and running, and helping us share our eagles’ story with the world.


Big thank you to our Moderators who donate so much of their time to help us keep our site running smoothly