Hatch Contest Coming Soon!!

Hatch Contest Coming Soon!!

We will be opening up registration for spots for our hatch date contest very soon. We wanted to make sure that everyone got a fair chance to select the time they wanted, so this post will show you how to select your time when the contest page becomes available.


Contest Rules:

1. You must have an account to participate in the contest

2. You may only select one date/time per egg, if you pick more than one, one of them will be deleted at administrator’s discretion.

3. Once you have made your selection it is final.

4. Blank time slots will remain blank if no users select them who haven’t already made a selection. (they will not be given away to people who’s selected time has past)

5. Your account information is used to identify your selection, in order to receive your prize be sure your info is correct before signing up for a slot.

6. The time slots are only broken down by the hour no further divisions are available. If you don’t see a time you want it is because someone else has already registered for it and it is gone!


How to select your date/time for each egg:

When you get to the contest page (it is not active yet) you will see the following:

  1. On this menu select the date for each egg you would like. If you notice the left most column has each day and egg to select from. Once you select the date for the egg you are selecting you will be taken to the page to see available time slots.

(click to see larger images)

select time

2.  On this menu you will see all available time slots remaining for that date/egg combination. Select which time you would like to register for or return to the full sheet list.

select time2

3. Once you have selected your time you will be taken to a screen to confirm your information. All your information is filled in from your registration information. If it comes up incorrectly you will need to edit your profile, and correct your information before submitting your selection.

select time3


That is all!


Once you have selected your date and time for both eggs you are ready to sit back and incubate till hatch time.

*** IMPORTANT*** this system will not prevent you from selecting multiple dates for each egg. Do not sign up for multiple dates or your duplicate entries will be deleted and not necessarily  in the order you made them.


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