Hip Hip Hooray for All HBEC Family & Friends

Hip Hip Hooray for All HBEC Family & Friends

Elliott & Eloise blessed us with 2 fabulous eaglets/juvies¬†this nesting season. HB9 & HB10 stayed with us for almost 19 weeks. This time frame was similar to HB7 & HB8 last year’s juvies.

Many thanks to HBEC (Paul) who got this site off the ground back in 2011 & who answers the bat signal when sent; to Matt who keeps up with the web page and the equipment even when the mice do damage; to Ranger Don who coordinates the nest tours; to the Friends of Harrison Bay who help promote this cam (among other assistance) and providing the Meet & Greet Dinner; to the chatters & viewers who support the cam with donations; and to our Moderators who volunteer their time and make every day special here at Harrison Bay State Park. Hope no one was missed but if so, THANK YOU!


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