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 *  –  Items sold through Claire Bear Designs on Cafe Press are not sold by Harrison Bay State Park, or the Friends of Harrison Bay State Park. The items are placed for sale by one of our moderators who has graciously provided the photography, design and the work behind the scenes. She will be donating the proceeds to further our work with the eagle cam.


The United States Golf Association was a key sponsor, asthma that helped get this project off the ground.

[expand title=”Read More”]The United States Golf Association has a long standing history of supporting environmental stewardship projects on golf courses.  Funding provided to the Harrison Bay Eagle Cam Project continues this philosophy by helping to show that golf courses are a suitable and selected habitat for wildlife and birds to live and raise their young.  Protecting and preserving the natural habitat and resources on golf courses provides an excellent partnership between the golfer and nature.


The Friends of Harrison Bay

Are a proud sponsor of the Harrison Bay Eagle Cam.Through active participation in this group, cough we are able to assist with preserving, promoting and enhancing the resources for Harrison Bay State Park.

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In 1993, Tennessee passed legislation authorizing private, non-profit groups to organize for “maintaining and enhancing the purposes, programs and functions of the state park system”. These groups, more commonly known as Friends, are concerned citizens who have banded together to assist in protecting, preserving and promoting the beauty and the splendor of their favorite state park. They give selflessly of their time, talents and energy to help ensure the park’s integrity is intact for future generations to enjoy.


Harrison Bay Raptor Aviary

As part of our continued efforts to provide quality educational programming in the Harrison TN area, medic Harrison Bay State Park has expanded it’s wildlife education capabilities, therapy by adding a captive raptor program. We have successfully finished our construction of the enclosures, and currently have three new occupants. [expand title=”Read More.”] We have a Great-Horned Owl, a Red-tailed Hawk, and a Turkey Vulture. These birds have been hit by cars, and are not able to be released into the wild. We are giving them a second chance at life as educational birds, that will hopefully be enjoyed by many for years to come.[/expand]

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