New Eagle Cam Season +Approach Cam

New Eagle Cam Season +Approach Cam

Autumn is a good time to see change displayed in nature, and in our Eagle cam. We are excited to kick off another season with Elliot and Eloise, and we can’t wait to see this year’s developments. We would like to announce a few updates that are coming down the line for the season. We are actively working on adding the Approach camera, which is going to give us a whole new perspective on our nest, we have items arriving in the mail regularly. We will be working to get the Approach cam live soon. The camera itself is not in yet, but some of the upgrades we needed to run it have arrived. We will try to keep everyone posted on the progress, as it occurs. We are going to be making some other changes for this season, including that this season you will need to be logged into the chat to talk or see chat (Sorry Eaglets!). This doesn’t mean that you will need an account to see the cam, or that there will be any changes to making an account, only that if you want to be a part of chat you will need to create an account and log in.

We will do our best to warn on chat that we are going to be messing with things when we are actively changing things that may alter your experience watching the cam. Just don’t be alarmed if you log on and something has moved or is different during this time while we are adjusting for the new season.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!



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